Support Update and Exciting Travel

It's been a busy last few months.  Christmas, New Year, and almost the first quarter of 2008 have come and gone!

The last few months have been incredibly encouraging.  We were given a number of opportunities to share with individuals and groups about what we'll be doing.  We've made some great new relationships and had an opportunity to renew some old friendships.  The Lord has been providing financially as well.  We're now up to 40% of our monthly support! We're really excited and encouraged by that.  We still have quite a ways to go, but these last few months have been a great time of seeing God provide.

We're also really excited about our upcoming trip to Western and Eastern Europe.  A week from now we'll be on a plane somewhere between Washington DC and Germany.  We can't wait.  We land in Brussels early next Sunday morning and should make it to Huy (where the team is and where we'll be living for the next few years) just in time for church.  I just found out today that they'll be having their "Missions Convention" that Sunday, so that should be a great morning to be there.  It'll be great to see our future team and location.  We've been corresponding with a few of the folks over there and we can't wait to meet them!

Be sure to check back during the next few weeks.  We should definitely have some good stories to share!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! It was good seeing you at the wedding! I wish that we could have spoken more. I'm very excited about your trip and can't wait to catch up all that is going on with you both there. My prayers are with you both and God bless you both as you continue to spread God's word.
Love and ((hugs)), Tonya