We're in Poland!

March 11 (12:30pm Poland time)
Well, we are now sitting in the Warsaw, Poland airport on a 4 hour layover. Just 3 Amerikanskis chillin' in Warsaw. Yes, we are Amerkanskis here. I love it. Yesterday was truly a great day. We were so encouraged by meeting our team in Huy, and are so looking forward to joining them in January. 

After blogging last, we had so much fun hanging out with the Boatwrights and Lindsey. We just hung around the apartment, relaxed, and spoke Anglais (English), which was awesome. Brent and Daisy are both graduates of New York Culinary School, so we let Daisy prepare us dinner. A trip to the grocery store was great for my nerves- I have been so nervous about what we would have available for us to eat when we come. The store was nice. Good produce and meat (including horse... :-/), and they even had a little tex-mex section with tortillas. How wonderful. And a whole aisle devoted to chocolate- the chocolate really was good there, that is a myth that has been confirmed. (Speaking of myths that are to be confirmed, I forgot to note yesterday that we also tested Belgian waffles. They are amazing. The ones we had were filled with fruit, and Neil ordered for himself which made him very proud. So, another point for Belgium- amazing waffles.)

This morning we rose at 5am to head to Poland. As we crossed the bridge over the Meuse, I was sad thinking about how short our time was in Huy. It is such a fun, beautiful place, and we so enjoyed the Expedition237 folks. We got to the train station early, and then made it like champs to Brussels (we made all our train connections, which was a relief ). The flight to Warsaw was uneventful, though the inflight meal service was surprisingly good- so good that I woke Clay up for it :) Ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, hard-boiled egg, bread, butter, and a chocolate wafer.... AND this amazing warm sweet cheese dumpling with peaches. It was unexpected and delightful. 



Ok, we are now in Posnan! Doug Mitts picked us up at the airport and took us home to have dinner with his family: Lisa, Megan, and Michael. Lisa made taco salad which made us very happy indeed. It is funny how we really haven't been gone that long, but Texas food is still like manna from heaven. I don't think I have ever eaten so many tortilla chips :)

Megan and Michael are cool kids. They are 12 and 9 and both attend an all Polish school. Language is no problem since they were born here. We really enjoyed just talking to the whole family around their dinner table- such a sweet family. After dinner, we made our plans for tomorrow. We will be picked up around 9am and taken back to the Mitts' house (we are staying a bed-and-breakfast kind of place near their home), where Clay and Neil will film their interview. Then I think we are planning on meeting with the pastor of the Mitts' church, afterwhich we will tour the town. 

I will get some photos of Posnan soon to post. I think it will be different that you expect- atleast it is for me.

Good night all! 


Here are the rest of the pictures from Huy:


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