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We made it through French class! Thank goodness we were allowed to audit, though. French is tough! What made it harder was that we didn’t have a lot of time to devote to studying. It was a successful semester. The fact that we know ANY French at all is a huge jump from where we were a few months ago.

Good news on the support: we’re at 11% of our monthly support pledges and about 25% for our outgoing expenses! God has really been gracious this past week. As a slight discouragement, though, our monthly support requirements went up to $5,000/month. Not only is cost of living going up in Europe, but the dollar is pretty weak against the euro, making things a little more costly.

This support raising has been a neat time for us. It’s made us realize that we are in a position of complete dependence upon the Lord and other people to make this work. It’s tough, but a great place to be. PLEASE be praying for us in this time.

On another note, we’re excited about an upcoming opportunity – we’ll get to visit our team in Belgium for a few days in March. What makes it cooler is that Matt, our missions pastor here at WBC, will be able to meet us there and see our future team and ministry. From there, we’ll be traveling on to Poland and Hungary to visit some of WBC’s missionaries for a few days and video their ministry. It’ll be a great opportunity to bring back their stories to share with the WBC body. It’s great, too, that Megan and I get to do this together. And to add to that, Neil, my brother, will be joining us. The three of us have a great time together, and it’ll be a great opportunity for him to see missions and ministry in a variety of cultures. In addition to all that, he’s great with a video camera, so it’ll be great to have him along to help shoot.

A lot going on right now. Thanks for the prayers, support, and encouragement.

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