Update From Belgium

Hello All,

This is Megan, writing from Daisy and Brent's apartment in Huy. We have been here since yesterday morning and we are having a great time. It is rainy and cold, but we are learning that this is not strange for Belgium. I am so glad I brought my ski coat with the huge hood!! We were very tired yesterday, so it all seems like a blur. We got to Brussels yesterday around 8am and hopped a train to Huy. This is not as simple as it sounds. Let's just say we learned a lot about the Belgian train system. Check out the video below... We missed the church service due to train confusions but made it just in time for lunch. It was a Missions Sunday so lunch was Brazilian, which we thought was hilarious since our first experience with Belgian cuisine was Brazilian food. Either it was really funny or we were just extremely jet-lagged :)

We then hit the town with Brent and Daisy Boatwright, Lindsey Carver, Matt Freeman, and Megan Meyer. The Boatwrights and Lindsey are UWM Expedition 237 teammates who we will be working with in January. Matt is the outreach pastor at Westlake Bible Church, and Megan Meyer is a friend that teaches in Brussels but came down to Huy to see us. We toured around town for awhile, and then rested at O'Malley's Pub- it felt so “Euro.” :)

For dinner we had “frits” or french fries. Belgians eat it with mayonaise- you can just imagine how much Clay loved this. We also ate a big sausage. We were so tired that we could have eaten ANYTHING and been satisfied. On the way back to our hotel, I think we hit the stage of dilirium. I have never laughed so hard, or almost fallen down so many times. And is was raining. Needlesss to say, we were so happy to have hot showers and a bed.

Today we began the morning by heading to Liege to attend language school with the Boatwrights and Lindsey. We ate the BEST croissants. Seriously, guys, it is true about pastries and Europe- so amazing. Language school was good, though I think it will be better when I can understand French. Afterwards we walked around Liege. I poked my head into some clothing stores and got very excited- the clothes are great! That is something to look forward to. We ate at Chez Stuckies for Boulettes- a traditional Belgian meatball in a onion gravy. And of course it was accompanied by frits :) It was soooo good. Any who visit us in Belgium will have to try it (this is a plug for visiting us).

We are now at the Boatwright's apartment about to eat dinner. I think we are going to watch LOST too, which will be a nice reminder of home :) We leave at 6am tomorrow for Posnan, Poland. We will update the blog as we can get internet.We are so excited to be here! Pray for us!

Oh, and check out our pictures just posted on facebook!



adam said...

Right around the 38 second mark I think Clay said "si" to the gentleman pointing him to the train? Not sure, but I don't think he speaks Spanish . . .

Zach McNair said...

you kids look like you're having fun!
know you guys are definitely making me miss europe a lot! seriously.

know that you guys are in my thoughts and prayers..
keep pressing on.

Unknown said...

Hello, My Loves--This is Mama S. Love the blog and the video was priceless! I can just taste the Belgian waffles! The pictures were awesome too. Miss you guys so much--you are too far away! We are at Main Street right now because our phone and internet is all down at home and we don't know when it'll be up again. We'll just come every day 'till it does! Our love and prayers are with you Clay, Meg and Neil. Love, Mom & Dad

Clay and Megan said...

Yeah, when in "foreign language mode" I default to Spanish...