March 14, Budaörs, Hungary

Well, we made it. The last leg of our journey: Hungary. Though I am excited to spend time with John Henderson tomorrow and learn about his ministry, I am still missing the Mitts family that we left in Poland! What a wonderful family. We had a lot of fun last night just spending time with them. They taught us a new game: Super Farmer. It is a Polish game created during the communist years. Something that I find funny is that we (the Sandoz travelers) LOVE any reference to the "communist days." It doesn't matter what the Mitts' say, we instantly get excited about any trace of communism. I even took pictures of the light switches in an old commie barrack... but I digress.

Anyways, we love Super Farmer. So much that the Mitts' gave me their travel version of the game. Thank you, Mitts family! Oh, and P.S., Lisa also did some laundry for us while we were there- can we say again how much we love them?

This morning we had a nice leisurely morning with the family, and then headed to the airport for another go on Polish Airlines. We got to Budapest a little while ago, caught a shuttle, and rode to our hotel. At one point the rode narrowed and our huge van came face to face with another car. Both drivers start motioning for the other one to move. "Uh-oh," I am thinking. I thought we were about to see a true Hungarian show down. I found out later that Neil actually transferred some of his money out of his wallet and into his jacket pocket just in case the guy in the car in front of us was staged and he got out and robbed us :) These boys are seriously dreaming of the day that they get to protect themselves against evildoers. So the conversation between the drivers stops, and I am holding my breath to see what happens. Our driver starts backing up slowly. Eventually the rode widens enough for the other man to pass. And as he passes, they both wave to eachother! So what we interpreted as approaching danger was in fact a kindly Hungarian exchange. This world is so ripe with culture- it is amazing. The more I see, the more I want to see.

Clay and Neil went out a while ago and found a pizza place, and they just came in with a piece for me. So I shall eat and then go to bed. We meet John tomorrow at 8am to begin our day with him. It is fun to arrive somewhere new at night. Waking up in a new country is so fun- you get to look out the window and see where you are and what it is like for the first time in daylight. I am looking forward to that tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day, America. We'll we waiting for you here, 6 hours in the future.


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