First Day in Poland

We have almost concluded our first day in Poland. We started the day off with breakfast at our hotel. By the time we got there there were only 2 yogurts, 1 roll, eggs with mayonaise, and a vat of weenies left. When Doug picked us up, he told us that we could have asked the people in the kitchen to refill the table, which made us laugh. We waited in the dining room forEVER waiting to see if they would bring more bread. SO funny.
We then went to the Mitts' house. Clay and Neil filmed Doug and Lisa, and then they treated us to an amazing lunch. Breakfast had worn off quickly, so we were so happy to eat. Peter, a Polish pastor, stopped by and ate with us. He shared with us his heart for a revival in the Polish people. Hearing him talk made me excited. It is amazing how culture affects a people group's attitude towards and acceptance of the gospel.
Doug then took us around to several of the churches and church offices that he works with. Evidence of past communism is so obvious here. From old barracks to sky-reaching condo buildings. Many of the buildings have been painted bright colors, but several still remain black and gray, a reminder of things past. This is in contrast to the Mitts' area. I was surprised yesterday when we pulled up to their house. The neighbor hood is fresh and new. Very colorful.

We are now just hanging out at their home. Kabob pizza is on its way, and I think we are going to spend the evening resting and watching old movies. I am very excited. All of this quick traveling has worn me out! It should be a nice quiet night. Keep praying!!
Here are some pictures of our day. Enjoy!


Kelly said...

hey guys!

i'm really enjoying the updates -- someday i shall travel, until then i live vicariously through others! ;) love looking through the pictures, too. your polish lunch looks very similar to our lunches in russia at the BLTC. the rest of the world really eats differently than us americans! the food sounds amazing though... so excited for you and praying for you!


Unknown said...

3 sandoz's

Thanks so much for the updates with all the details. Feels like we are there with you (almost). Megan - super job on the pictures!! Haven't heard any words yet about BBQ - maybe we Amerikanskis have the advantage there (esp. pork chops!). Love you guys.

phil and tracy