Polska: Day 2

Hello! Our second day in Posnan is winding down. We are now sitting around the Mitts' coffee table, playing a game thought up during communist days: Super Farmer. It is really funny. I keep getting lost and wanting to read the directions, and then I realize that they are in Polish :)

Today we spent the day running around Posnan with Doug videoing. But first we had an amazing breakfast prepared by Lisa- so good! We went to the oldest cathedral in Poland- built in 1000 AD. Our last stop of the day was at this HUGE mall. In 2005 it was awarded the world's best mall. It is made out of an old brewery- pretty cool. 

We arrived home to yet another delicious meal from Lisa. We will be sad to leave her cooking tomorrow. Our flight to Warsaw and then Budapest, Hungary leaves tomorrow at 1:30pm. We will spend tomorrow evening getting around town by ourselves, and then John Henderson will be there on Saturday when we will do our filming. On Saturday we have one last day in Europe hanging around Budapest just the 3 of us. 

Here are pics of today:

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megan, are you on this trip?