Well Cripes.

No, not crepes, cripes. We got robbed, people! Our little rent house in Tomball was violated last night! Can you believe it?! Rob (my brother) called us today in Charlotte with the news. So far the only thing we can see that was stolen was my guitar. That's not too bad. They left Clay's monitor and some other computer stuff, which we are thankful for. I am just so thankful no one was hurt! I don't like the thought of creepy people on our property where my entire family is. Sick.

Anyways, the funny part is that the crooks totally chose the WRONG house to pilfer from. Ok, we have absolutely nothing. Nothing. And the stuff we did have we already sold in a garage sale. We are told they looked under our mattress, I guess to see if we had any cash stashes. (maybe looking for a diary or two as well? I mean, please, who keeps money under their mattress anymore?*) They also overturned the air mattress in the guest room. This makes me laugh really hard as I am picturing the thief hurriedly assessing the situation and realizing his mistake in choosing this dud of a house- "They have blow up furniture, for pete's sake" he might say. Also, imagine their surprise when they saw our TV! Have you seen it? Here is a picture from a slumber party in Austin with my girls, and you can see our TV in the background. There is no easy escape after you steal something like that. It weighs about 100lbs, though it does have wheels which could speed things along. Maybe they didn't notice...

So, other than that news, the weekend in Charlotte was great. We joined Keith and Rachel for the Lyle Lovett concert on Thursday night, and then hung out until Candidate Orientation started. We enjoyed meeting some new folks that God has cool stuff in store for. I also dragged Clay to Anthropologie TWICE, which shows what an incredibly patient man he is.

Time for bed, it has been a busy day. I am thankful that all that is missing from my life at the end of this day is a guitar. Thank you Lord!

Love, Megan

*Please accept my apologies if you do indeed keep money under your mattress. It is a brilliant idea.**

**Please accept my apologies for the sarcasm. I got robbed today.


Victoria said...

I am soooo SORRY for you and Clay. Even though you had nothing to steal it is a violation of your space and feeling of security. I will pray for God to touch you in that special place in your heart to let you know how much HE cares for you. And that HE will also replace your guitar.
Peace and Mercies be with you both.

Anna Alexis said...

Aaagghh! You got robbed!?!
If only they had known that a couple of weeks ago everything in that house was on sale for 25 cents! (Except for the guitar - sorry Clay)

Anonymous said...

I can imagine their faces when they saw your Ophelia (that's your TV's name, right?!) So sorry about this my friend!