Birthdays are Grand!

Have I mentioned how much I love my birthday? It seems almost shameful, being 25 and all, but I secretly am obsessed with my special day. Saturday started out great. Mom sent a bday box filled with goodies. Notice the backwards words? Clay took this with my computer and he said we could reverse the words, but I like it this way :)

Mom wrapped my presents in leftover wallpaper from our house- it made me so happy!! Some of that wallpaper is not even on the walls anymore. Ah, nostalgia...

Then we headed over to the Sandozes campsite and had birthday breakfast burritos a la Phil Sandoz. Here is Clay playing with the magnet hair face guy his mom got him. It is funny to me that there is still so much to learn about Clay. It makes me happy- who would have thought he had a deep love for this hairy little toy? I am glad to know it!

We headed to Asheville for the day, and we had a great time! Clay even posed with me for some fun shots, I think just because it was my birthday :) Here is my favorite.

The birthday crew!

An end to a perfect day!

Sigh, I love my birthday. If only it would come again sooner!! :)

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