Last weekend

We had the best weekend! The Sandozes came in for the week and we met them in Cherokee on Saturday afternoon. The drive up there proved that fall is indeed upon us ( I am stifling the urge to write "It's fall ya'll." You understand...). Check out these beautiful colors.

Soon after arriving at their campsite, we headed out for a short hike. The leaves are just amazing. When we were looking for their camper at the campsite, there were leaves everywhere! Some campers even had tarps covering them so keep the falling leaves off. It was so funny because the organized gene inside of me was kicking in big time wondering if there was a broom strong and long enough to whip that campsite in to shape. I guess maybe a rake would have been more appropriate :) Point is, it was a sight for this pine tree Texas girl to see knee high piles of leaves. Beautiful leaves at that.

This waterfall was the destination of our hike.

That night Phil did one of the things I love him for- grilled pork chops and sausage (as only he knows how) on his tee-niney grill. They were the best. One of my favorite meals ever.

The next day, we drove on up to the Smokies to check out some lookout over the mountains. I can't remember the name. It was labeled as a "Moderate" hike, but the lady at the campsite told Tracy it was indeed more than just moderate. So we were all geared up and ready to climb a mountain. We got there and.... get this... the trail was PAVED. As in, it was a road. With all kinds of people walking up it. Clay even pointed out the motorized wheel chair guy flying up it. So, moral is, advice from the campsite lady often requires a 2nd opinion.

The view all day was just incredible. We had such a good time! This sign we found for the Appalachian Trail made Clay's mouth water. In my head I was considering telling him that I would do the entire Trail with him sometime. You know, a "Hey, Baby, we can totally do that Trail sometime," and just completely make his day (perhaps his lifetime), and THEN I heard them say that it takes anywhere from 4-6 months!!! So, more of a "Hey, Baby, I will drive from nice hotel to nice hotel while you hike that trail. I'll toss some food out to you every once in awhile." Why do I think I like being outside? I digress... Here is Clay on the Appalachian Trail.

Some pretty views of the Smokies.

And here you see a very happy man. Clay Sandoz was born for this kind of view :)

So there was our weekend. It was a very fun time with Clay's folks- we miss home people. Exciting news- tomorrow is my birthday and I am so excited (I really love my birthday :)!! We are going to Asheville to spend the day with Clay's parents. Also, tonight they are cooking gumbo for the whole group!! I cannot wait to see everyone eating gumbo- so many of them have never even heard of it before- is that not funny? It should be a fun night- I can't wait!!

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Jenny said...

Happy Birthday:) Our mouths watered over that trail for a while too. We had grand plans of hiking it between getting out of the military and moving to TX. We have since learned that as much as I want to be a major hiker for Joel's sake--I just am not. Day hikes are fabulous. A disastrous trip to the Ozarks in the dead of winter proved that overnighters are just not for me. So, 4-6 months? Maybe the babes and I can stay next to you in the hotels along the way! Jenny