I got sleep and am better today.

One of the best things about going to Candidate Orientation is that we finally got to meet Daniel Liberek, our Regional Director and team leader while in Belgium!! It was so great to get to talk to him face to face. His story is really neat. He was born in England to his English father and Belgian mother. He moved to Belgium when he was 5 as a missionary kid, went to college in the U.S., and then returned to Belgium as a missionary in 1980. He is the pastor of the church we will be a part of, and we are so looking forward to being a part of his church and getting to know his family. 

It was really exciting to hear some of his ideas for us in Belgium. He is pumped about Clay's video abilities, and already has some projects in mind. Clay would also love to get enough French under his belt to be able to train some church members in video. For me, Daniel is hoping a Spanish ministry can emerge to reach the somewhat large Spanish-speaking population in Huy. There is a group of Spanish-speakers in the church that are ready to start reaching out into the community, and I would LOVE to get to know them and join them in that. Does that get you fired up?! It does me. And even more than the excitement of being a part of something so cool is the hand of God that is all over this. I was a Spanish major, ya'll, and I signed on for a French speaking country. I figured I had hung up my espanol cleats, you know? And then, "oh and by the way, there are a whole lot of Spanish speakers in Huy..." What?! How could this be any more perfect? Now I just need to brush up on my Spanish, it's been awhile. 

On the subject of language, we just ordered Rosetta Stone for French so we should be chomping away at French soon. And language acquisition starts tomorrow so we should be all set. I am really excited. 

Today a group from Candidate Orientation came in from Charlotte to get a look at CIT. It is so exciting to see God working in so many lives. How does he manage all of us?! He is huge.

Enjoy your Columbus Day tomorrow!

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