More prayer!

We just received this email from our friend Rhonda, the one who has the children's home on Honduras that we have visited. Please pray!!

Please everyone, pray for Destino del Reino. We are here in the USA and we just found out that the men who robbed the school before have been back Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and they have guns and there are a lot of them. The police came last night 30 minutes after they left but could not catch anyone. They burned a cross in the floor and stole a lot of things but we are mostly afraid they will move on to the children's home. PLEASE PRAY -- for safety for our kids and for peace for us in this because we cannot return until Monday morning. They usually are worse on the weekends and we are on Halloween weekend of all things. Thanks for praying and we will stand against the demonic attacks of these men with the ALL POWERFUL SPIRIT OF GOD. Thanks for your prayers.
In His grace,

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