Happy Thanksgiving

Yesterday was a first. Our first Thanksgiving in Belgium and our first Thanksgiving without family to share it with. Surprisingly, it was a great day! Filled with food and friends, and lots of thankfulness to God!

The only turkey I could find at the store was expired, and while poisoning our guests seemed like an interesting party game (not quite as wild as the last one), I opted instead for goat cheese-stuffed chicken breasts.

A little Settlers always makes one thankful. If 2 years in a row makes something a "tradition" then, goodness gracious, I think we have ourselves a Sandoz family tradition! (I have been waiting for one of those :)

A happy crowd at dinner. I made my Mama's beer bread and my Gma's sweet potato casserole. It made me so happy to be eating foods that remind me of home.

After dinner we ichatted with the fam. Sounds like there were some adventures this year (like Clint dropping the stuffing on the way to Grandma's and Stormie the dog eating it all), and it was good to laugh with them. I was surprised at how un-painful this holiday was. I had asked a lot of you to be praying for us yesterday, so I really shouldn't be surprised. God takes pretty good care of us. It was a happy Thanksgiving spent with my Clay, new friends, and even a moment spent with my family from far far away.

We left the clean-up for this morning... Dirty dishes, you don't stand a chance against this chick.

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Jana said...

Aunt Barb loved seeing the June/Barb pj's on your
legs :)