We are really enjoying our time here in Budapest! This is our 3rd time to visit this city, and all three have been for work, but each time we get to know different people and new parts of the city. It is quickly becoming one of our favorite places we have visited so far.

Here's a street from the surrounding neighborhoods around the city that I thought was just the prettiest. Fall is really good at making places beautiful, isn't it?

This is one of the biggest markets in Budapest. Kind of touristy and really fun!

Here's one of our friends enjoying a pastry. If you look to the upper level you will see Clay working hard with his camera. This picture makes me laugh because it represents poor Clay's plight well. The crew always gets to sample the local snacks while he's up there shooting video!
(We saved some for him this time :)

A lot of our shooting has been in intense fog! But for this project it is actually working out really well.

Budapest and the Danube.

There is a lot of grunge here, some of it post-communist, some of it just vandalism, but there's a lot of beauty, too, if you look closely.

We had lunch here one day at the cute little cafe, and behind it you can see some of the towering communist apartment buildings that are all over this place.

Ok, this picture requires explanation, and I hope it doesn't offend anyone, but it really makes me laugh! We found the perfect place for a series of shots, but unfortunately, there were some words that weren't the best for the intended viewing audience. A little doctoring here and there, and we were ready to roll. I was so worried we would get arrested. But can you really get in trouble for improving graffiti?

Coolest parking garage ever! At first I thought we were just pulling into our own personal little garage within the big garage, but THEN, I saw that actually our car was going to be lifted up (or taken down) to its own little shelf. Kind of like a backwards vending machine!! So we got out, pulled down the garage door, and then watched our car be taken somewhere up beyond where we could see. It was so cool!

Look at all those cars! They stack up so hi! It kind of reminded me of The Matrix.

Here are the boys watching the car come back down. We were hoping it had changed into a sports car or something :)

We love Budapest!

Last night we went to see a performance some of our friends' kids were putting on. You can guess by the picture what show they did :) It was great!

This picture just makes me happy. The house we are staying at has a great big family cat that lounges around and reminds me so much of my parent's cat back home. Just another way God takes care of me- even down to the sweet kitties he provides here and there.

It's been a great trip so far! We are so thankful to be here.


Jana said...

awww...I want to be THERE!
Thanks for the post....I was going through withdrawal.

Anna Alexis said...

Budapest looks awesome! That car garage is awsome and kinda scary!

Jocelyn said...

I hope I can say this in words how my heart is thinking it... as I was reading your post I was just thinking how incredibly cool it is all the places you are getting to see and all the experiences that you are getting to have on this journey. And all because you said 'yes' to God. The things you are seeing- the beauty of God's hand and creation, the people of God's heart... because you said 'yes'.
It may be scary, it may be unfamiliar, it may be hard and lonely and difficult... but you said yes and you are experiencing more than most of the world will becuase of that obedience. And that's awesome.
And God- because he is so good- is giving you pieces of comfort, memories of home, peace in the midst of unfamiliarity. FLOWERS in the midst of graffiti... ahhh... isn't that how life is?!?

Your post tonight really struck a cord with me and reminded me why I am doing what I am doing- and I am doing it in the comfort of being 10 minutes from my parents, in the familiarity of home... and still I get scared and tired and discouraged. But God is faithful... and good.

I'm sure it's not what you were intending... but thank you for the reminder that although saying yes to God is hard and sometimes scary, it is wonderful and will open your eyes and heart to things unimaginable.
I am so proud of you guys and praying for you 2 in your journey- that more flowers pop up through the graffiti, that you find more reminders of familiarity and comfort, and peace through it all.