Today was a really good day. I really like Fridays. Lunch at Edgar and Lillian's is definitely a highlight of my week. And the addition of Noisette to the party only sweetens the deal. Is she not the cutest?

After the men went back to work at church, I stuck around and played Rummikub with Edgar, Lillian, and Betty. You can see that E and L had their good luck charms close by at all times. Seriously, could these two be any cuter?

And here is something Belgian to share with you. This is how we do birthdays here. Today we celebrated Myriam's birthday with a pile of eclairs topped with a flaming stick of dynamite. It doesn't explode like you would expect (atleast it hasn't happened while I am around, yet) but the fire shoots super high into the air and always seems to go out right when we are finished singing "Joyeux Anniversaire." Perfect timing every time.

And to continue on with the Belgian theme, here is our dinner tonight.

I made red beans and rice, and was laughing the whole time this sausage was cooking. Oh, our life just makes us laugh sometimes! And in case you were wondering, funny as it may look, that sausauge turned out sooo good. Not quite the cajun-style red beans and rice that we are used to, but not too shabby.

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