Since I wasn't in Huy for my birthday, Blanca has been wanting to throw me a belated party. Last night was the night!

This is me, Blanca, and Jamela. The group sang happy birthday to me in French, Spanish, and English! So cool.

I love this picture because it represents evenings at Blanca and Michael's well. Oh, how we laugh!

Birthday pie!

We had one "party game" that I will remember for a long time. Michael talked Josh into putting on his training glove while Jazz (Michael's German Shepherd) attacked him. Oh my goodness! That was the hardest I have laughed since coming to Belgium. You know those rare hard laughs that you have with friends? Like roll on the floor with tears in your eyes? How good is God to provide these friends for us so far away from home. He takes such good care of us!

Here is Josh, Jazz, and Michael. So dangerous!! Oh my gosh!

Such a fun night!


Jana said...

I'm hoping that this is one party game that doesn't catch on in the states!!!

Jocelyn said...

So glad you had such a wonderful birthday celebration. What a comfort to have found such security in those friends. OH, and... happy belated birthday- I never did leave a happy birthday comment- sorry!