When did little brothers get so big?

This Thanksgiving week has been such a recharge for my heart. Can I even express such happiness? I am truly thankful to our God for the blessing of this family. This big, loud, sarcastic, hilarious, safe, loyal, loving family. Oh, laughter is such good medicine, isn’t it? As is being BACK IN TEXAS!!!

We didn’t do much since getting to Breckenridge on Wednesday afternoon. It was a long 2 day drive, and as usual, I was so excited to see that bank building with the B on the top (the tallest building in town) as we crested that last hill into town. It’s one of those images you have from childhood that always brings back memories.

Time at Nanny’s and Bob’s this year was nice and low key. Just lots of time spent together, lots of sleeping and eating. Basically it was perfect. We usually turn into TV watchers when at Nanny’s, so it was fun to turn on the TV and see a Dog Whisperer marathon on. Oh how we love that Cesar Milan. And, oh, how we love to watch it at Nanny's- it has become sort of a tradition. There was also a new game in town this year- Settlers of Catan. This is the game Josh and Anna taught us awhile ago. Dad brought the game to introduce to the family, and it was a big hit. We probably played it about 10 times (that is a LOT of Settlers, if you don’t know) in about 72 hours. I won it for the first time, and will lamely show the victory picture:

It was after midnight- we were in a Settlers craze.

We ate Mexican food twice, something that was eagerly anticipated after being in NC for months. They meant well, but they just never could cook up good Tex-mex like we have it here.
Another high light of the week was taking our family picture. It was so good to have everyone together!

I love this one of Rob after he helped me out of the tree. Can you believe that I used to be able to pin him to the ground in seconds? How funny to be the little big sister.
I thank God for this family!

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Jocelyn said...

What a fun family picture! It is insane how little brothers grow up. And look at Quinn!! My GOSH! You guys look great. Thanksgiving and other holidays seem to get more and more precious the older you get, huh?!?