Gray days

The weather we always knew was coming is here. It is gray as the dickens out there. And rainy too. It's not too bad. (It definitely keeps me on my toes laundry-wise. The hemline of our saggy, need-to-be-washed jeans are no match for these sloshy streets.)

There was one patch of blue yesterday. If only we could have spent the rest of the day chasing it!

As life shifts more towards the indoors, I decided to join a gravure class. I still haven't look that word up in the dictionary, but I think it means engraving or something. Whatever it is, it is fun, and I like it.

Also, in my attempt to keep you ever abreast of European fashions, here are some typical teenagers at the pita place after school. Chucks, skinny jeans, and layered leg warmers. I just don't see how skinny jeans and me are going to become friends, but more power to these 2 cuties.

As for me, my favorite way to fight gray day blues is tea, a movie, and a sweet friend. Today was a great day! Thanks for spending it with me, Sirin!


Anonymous said...

I just saw the picture. I had a perfect day with you. It is really the best way to fight gray weather of Belgium,we should repeat it;)By the way I am good but no more Samurai:)) Kisses

Sirin said...

I made a mistake, the first "anonymous" is me, Sirin!

Jana said...

I'm thinking leg warmers and you will be a good thing. Stay warm. mama