5 hours in Italy and then Slovenia

We flew into Trieste, Italy on our way to Slovenia and had to wait a little while for our bus. It is fun to be in Italy no matter how short your time there is!

Pepi's Buffet was... interesting. I am pretty sure the pork plate included tongue. And the bathroom had a toilet that was nothing but a hole in the floor. We will remember Pepi's for a good long while.

We spotted a jellyfish, and it mesmerized us with its creepiness.

Random: snake-skinned toilets

Today was our first full day in Slovenia, and I joined one of our friends here at one of the local stores. First off, this store was huge! It was also wonderful. The only thing that kept me from leaving with a cart-full was knowing that we are already over our RyanAir weight limit.

A few interesting things found at this store were: a) A cane complete with bell, flask, and a drinking glass.

b) The hugest wooden spoons I have ever seen sold commercially. (Cajun gumbo spoons don't count)

c) A very definite Yankee Candle rip-off. I was really excited there for a minute.

d) A full-size jungle of animal robots in the gardening section. They moved and made noises and freaked me out a little.

So far, Slovenia is a strange and wonderful place :) We did a little filming tonight, and hit the road again tomorrow for a long day of shooting!

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Janis Sloan said...

Snake skin toilets and robotic jungle animals.... creeeepy!