Vamos a bailar!

Last night was a Spanish-speaking party at Blanca and Michael's! So fun! Colombia, Guatemala, Cuba, and Mexico (they called me the mexicana since I studied there :) were represented. And we only spoke Spanish, which was the best part of the evening! Even though our Spanish isn't perfect, it is still so much better than our French!

A little bit of Texas crept in, too. Don't you just love to see a bunch of Belgians crowded around a bowl of Rotel queso? They were all asking about this mysterious "special cheese" that was used, and were VERY disappointed when I told them it was purchased in Texas. Here I am living above a gourmet cheese shop, and what the people want is Velveeta!!

Their backyard is so cool. It just keeps going on forever. We lived with this family when we first arrived in Belgium, but it was winter then, so this was our first time to enjoy the backyard. I think their dog enjoyed the company, too.

In true latino fashion, there was dancing. Unfortunately I couln't hide well enough and they kept pulling me in! I kept trying to convince them that I DON'T DANCE!, but no matter. I have never been swung around so much in my life! :)

Clay got swept away as well. We laughed a lot!

So, an evening of friends, Spanish, dancing, avoiding dancing, and ridiculously good latin food (can you say plantains and lots of them?). We had a blast. I am honored to be their mexicana :)


Jana said...

Oh Megan, this looks like my kind of party...unfortunately I don't speak Spanish, and only un petit francais!!!

Jenny said...

So awesome you guys! Loved the dancing pictures:) Keep soaking it all up--Jen