You're living the dream, Sandoz.

Hello! The week has flown!

Friday was my filming debut :) Clay had me do some shooting while he was running a race with his team and some folks from the church. I am hoping that there are actually some in-focus shots :) No matter the quality of the product, I atleast felt very legit carrying the camera. (Also, notice the cute cardigan that Anna sent me from my favorite store. I have worn it everyday since :)

In between shots I was able to get in a round of cards with Amy, Edgar, Lillian, Betty, and Guy. Such fun, sweet people. I look forward to the day when I can do more than just smile at them and actually TALK. Oh, French. How you elude me.

Sometimes it is hard being here so far away from so many. Let me immediately follow that by saying: There are some serious perks to living in Europe! After a week that was kind of on the tough side, we decided to take yesterday to relax and travel a bit in this new country that we love. Antwerp it was! As we stepped off the train, we realized where we were- the exact site of THIS. I was so excited! I almost did a little dance in the spirit of spontaneous whimsy... but I lost my nerve.

Then, the ZOO!! How I love zoos! Seriously. They are one of my favorite places to go. The zoo in Antwerp is well over 100 years old, and it was cool to imagine people from other centuries enjoying the same place. It was very busy. And very Dutch-speaking.

Ok, so a baby elephant was just born. Can you just imagine how precious a baby elephant is? I want one so bad.

Those of you who hate going to the zoo are probably less than enthusiastic about seeing one through pictures. I see your plight. Unfortunately I cannot help myself.

My owl.

This made me laugh because I wanted to be like "GIRL! I totally get it. Sometimes all you need is a corner to stick your head into and a good friend to fuss over you (or send you a cardigan from anthro)."

The typical animal bottom shot. How cliche. Forgive me. (And forgive me for saying 'bottom.' B-U-T-T just looked crass.)

Ok, it's been proven. Clay's wing-span is indeed shorter than a condor's.

After the zoo, Clay found a coffee shop with a view.

And I went shopping!

A relaxing day for us both! I felt so recharged today. We have a really fun week planned with a trip to Ikea tomorrow, Ali and Nada coming over on Tuesday, and Mom and Rob coming on Wednesday!! I am looking forward to friends and family. You can't beat that.

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Jamie Hatcher said...

Your zoo pictures are great! Especially the butt shot... yeah, I said it. Seriously that is the prettiest zebra bottom I've ever seen. Your pics keep getting better and better and better!