Adam's Visit and Bruxelles!!

When Adam came he brought Texas with him in the form of Tex-Mex!! We have been enjoying it all week! Can you believe how much stuff he brought?!!

Here are the boys enjoying some queso. As I was melting the Velveeta I felt like I was getting ready for a super bowl party or something. It just felt so right :)

Yesterday was a holiday so we didn't have school. The three of us decided to explore Brussels since none of us had ever been there except to fly in and out of. It was an awesome day!

We thought it only proper to sample some waffles. Wow. I admit I broke my diet to partake, and it was amazing.

Can you tell that I was happy?

We checked out the Grand Place of course. Just as grand as expected.

We sought out the Manneken Pis, though I think it is gross. It is one of those things that you visit just to say that you've been. Well, world, I've been.

This house says that it is the smallest one in Brussels, and I want it! So cute!

We found my restaurant.

The boys and their candy store.

Such a fun day!

A sign of a good day in Brussels... a bowl full of empty mussel shells.

Adam appears to be enjoying his last day in Huy. I spotted him out of our apartment window. Belgian life is pretty awesome sometimes :)

We have so enjoyed having Adam visit us. He leaves tonight to meet up with his friend in Prague. Safe travels, friend, and thanks for coming to see us!!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your blog. Know you were glad to see all the Tex Mex goodies.Grandma

Kate said...

So cool about all that TexMex, but being a northerner I think I don't miss it quite as much as y'all do. However, I am really jealous of the chocolate chips! I brought one bag with me for when I got culture shock/homesick. I couldn't wait for that and already used up the bag.

Anonymous said...

Adam must have had a suitcase all for the benefit of the TX Goodies! Bless his heart!! How thoughtful of him. Love and miss ya'll. Mom S.