2 things to celebrate

Sunday night was a fun one. The last game of the national soccer championship (basically the Super Bowl for Belgians) took place, and Liege was represented! We joined a bunch of folks in the grand place to watch the game.

Here's a video right after Liege won!

It was so fun to be there for such a big moment. Cars were honking and people were singing/yelling long into the night celebrating. There were people still at the pub across the street still singing when we got home from SCHOOL the next afternoon! So fun!

Yesterday was a big day for us: we got closets!!! This has been a much anticipated event. It took us a long time to find just the right armoire, since most of the options were big and heavy. We didn't want to have to go through this again, so we were looking for a lighter, less bulky option. We found what we wanted at a store in town, but had to wait over a month for them to come in. Well, yesterday, the came!

This was my closet up until yesterday.

And these are our closets now!!

I am so happy. This morning it was amazing to not have to bend down to the floor to get dressed. It also had the strange effect of making me feel more "at home" to be able to actually put my clothes away. So, all around, armoires are magnificent!

Feeling organized and put together, Megan

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