le weekend

Friday was a school holiday, so the church had a "car rally." I wish I could tell you what exactly a car rally is, but, even though we did it, I cannot exactly tell you :)

We were on a team with Jean-Francois and Isabel, and the 4 of us drove around for FIVE hours completing the different requirements of the game. It was kind of like a scavenger hunt, mixed with trivia, and I SPY. Yes, it was intense.

At times it reminded me of a Fall Festival TBC-style. It was just that the game booths were spread all over Huy. Pretty cool for two Texas kids who are really into seeing as much of their new town as possible.

Join us as we rally...

This video may not make you laugh as hard as me, but I shall share it anyways. My favorite part is when it pans to the left and you see how many people are watching our progress. I laughed so hard!

This is Jean-Francois. This picture makes me LAUGH! Oh, we had so much fun.

Isabel schooled us in most of the events. Clay and I kept commenting that this rally really was MADE for Rob Pasche. All of his random gaming talents and skills would have really shined. Wish you had been there, brother!

One of the best parts was our team mascot, little Caleb. Oh my gosh. Just LOOK at him.

At church the next day we found out that our team got 2nd place! Not bad. The BEST part of the rally for me was the fact that the church did this together. How awesome is that? After the rally, all of the teams met back at the church for a spaghetti dinner, and I just felt so content. Church family is one of the biggest blessings we have on this earth. I am so thankful we get to share in it here in Huy.

On rally day, I also realized that it is quite possible that we do, in fact, LIVE in Catan. Click on this picture, those of you who play Settlers, and tell me if you do not agree. (It appears that we would be able to trade you pretty much anything for an ore :)

Speaking of Catan.... dreams came true on Saturday. Settlers in the Grand Place. Not many things compare.

After church we actually chose a walk over a nap (I will pause to allow your gasp...). We ended up walking for almost 3 hours through some of the prettiest country I have seen yet. We also discovered a petting zoo (yes, my favorite thing ever). It was closed for the day, BUT some of the animal pens were along the fence line. We made some goat friends. Animals are great because they don't speak French to me. All I had to do was pick some grass for this goat, and he loved me.

I don't think I ever appreciated spring like I am this year.

Oh! Oh! Oh! Guess what?! Kerrie and Nanny (some of our Louisiana family) sent us a package! WITH FLAT SHEETS!! And chocolate. What a wonderful surprise and treat! I pretty much couldn't contain my excitement. Mail already makes my day, and knowing that I don't have to sleep under a curly fitted sheet anymore is the best thing I can imagine right now. We got them today, and they are already washed and on the bed. I can't WAIT to go to bed :) Thank you Kerrie and Nanny!

A happy day to you wherever you may be!


Jenny said...

Joel is nearly dying of jealousy over here as he looks at the scenery around you guys! :) So glad you got a package from family. It feels like someone is reaching through all of those miles and giving you a big hug doesn't it? Love to you guys, Jen

Jana said...

Ha! The rally does look like the TBC Fall Festival :) love, mama

Jana said...

AND the landscape does look like Catan!!

Rob said...

Your blog is hilarious. I appreciate the name drop. Those games do look like fun to me. I was pumped to read about the discovery of settlers at the store and Clay's GPS/Watch is the coolest thing I have ever seen.

zzmissbethzz said...

Hey Megan the rally sounds like lots of fun. Many years ago in a young married class we had a road rally it was a little different we gave them clues and they had to figure out where to go next and get the answers to a crossword puzzle. It was so much fun but lots of work to plan. YEA! for fitted sheets!!! I don't quite understand the chocolate aren't you in Belgium as in Belgium chocolate? I absolutely love the scenery keep taking those beautiful pictures.