There are no words...

Well, maybe a few. But mostly pictures. More than usual for the recent days have been memory makers.

Yesterday morning I left the Sandoz's house and drove straight to Anna's where she an Katie were waiting. How I will miss my girls!!

Then, moving day commenced.

Some help from the bros.

A lot of my stuff is now stowed at Gma's. I am so thankful that she and MiMi made room for it. Sheesh- who knew we had so much stuff?? And after the mega garage sale last summer. I really can't believe it.

Then, a birthday lunch at the Sandoz's. Here you see a man who loves to grill for those he loves. And those he loves love when he grills :)

Gma tried fried sweet potatoes for the first time.

Katherine came! It was so good to see her!

Mom will kill me, but I love this shot of us eating ribs. They were sooooo good!

The Meadows came!

Look at Cason's face! Sweetest little love!

Then, home for some Pasche time.

You can guess what we did.....

And Dad FINALLY won a game of Settlers! It was awesome.

Look at this victory pose. He is very happy indeed. Q on the other hand was about to win himself, thus the face.

I love when my brothers are all home. (I also have to nerdily point out my new flash that was used here. So awesome. I am loving it. I can't wait to have time to actually play with it!)

Lunch today after church.

And we are down to the serious packing now!

Everyone helped us stuff our mail outs. Except little Q who wasn't feeling well. Let me tell you, he got out of a LOT of moving today by being sick. From our house to my parents, to Grandma's... it was nuts.

And here we are, almost 2 am, finally turning in. I spent some time trying to make Mom's house presentable again after my whirlwind of stuff blew through. It's better, but not quite there.

The goodbyes today were hard, but as the day wore on, they got easier as the exhaustion really kicked in. Thankfully Clint, Mel, and Rob hung around all day so the actual goodbye wasn't too bad. And Neil's goodbye after lunch was a good one too. I am so thankful to God for carrying us through! It looks like we might actually get to Europe tomorrow!!

Our flight is at 5pm tomorrow, and we land Tuesday at 7am in London. We are looking forward to our time with the Rohrers and RELAXING. Sigh. I think it will be incredible.

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Jocelyn said...

I can only imagine the emotions that are swirling through you right now Megan. I am so excited for you guys to see what the future holds for you- to see all that God has done in both your lives come to a head... all He's prepared you for coming all together in His most masterful plan for your life. It has been an honor knowing you, growing up beside you for so many years-- beside BOTH of you... and now to see where God is leading you- I have goosebumps! Know that I will be praying for your safety, for your continued growth, for your heart and for your ministry. Both of you are such amazing children of God and I am so excited for you guys.