Apartment 3

We saw another place this morning. Here is the street it is on.

You walk up those stairs from the front door and there's a landing between the bathroom and the bedroom.

The wardrobe is staying but everything else is moving with the current tenant.

The bathroom. The sink has a cabinet! Plus it is a bigger sink area than the others.

Can you see the glass wall thing that would fold out around the shower? This is a bonus for Clay. The bathroom is also very clean and light.

The living room.

Little dining room between the kitchen and the living room. We could curtain off a portion of it for Clay's desk and equipment.

The kitchen has a stove. Very nice.

So there you go, Apartment 3. Tell me your thoughts :)


Jana said...

I think I am digging this one :) I like how light and airy it feels. And it looks clean!
I can't tell if the location is as cool as the last one, tho'.
So, tell me about the area it is in. love, mama

Anonymous said...

This is just like House Hunter International on HGTV-Thanks for sharing! Apts 1&2 look really nice and clean. The views from 2 are awesome. Good Luck!

Unknown said...

I like 2 & 3 (althought the street view of 3 was not as nice as 2, but it could just be the lighting). Might it be time for Clay to post the "Huy Apt. Comparison Worksheet" so we have all the facts - sq ft, what floor, view, pros/cons? We're praying God makes it crystal clear for you. Love to you both...

Jocelyn said...

I LOVE that your mom is all about the light and airiness and "cool" location and your father-in-law is all about "facts"... too funny! i REALLY like the looks of this one- the skylight in the kitchen- TOO cool, open and bright. And the floor plan once you get into the common area looks nice and open. I definately like 2 & 3 the best so far, but #3 doesn't seem like it would have as much work to do on it-- the painting and all for #2. Hope you guys are having fun with all this apartment hunting. I know that it can sometimes be stressful, but it can also be exciting!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I think I'm liking 2 and 3. They seem cleaner and more open? Maybe not though... Can't wait to see what you pick!

Anonymous said...

hey guys, got your card the other day. praying for you like crazy! check out my blog too for my process to Bangkok. natewallace.tumblr.com later dudezzz

Anonymous said...

Hi, looks like you are getting acquainted with Huy. Okay, I like apt. 3. The bathroom and kitchen seem good - most important. Also, there seems to be a good amount of space. Could Clay use the dining area for his work space? Can't wait til you show us all which one is going to be your new home!!

Anonymous said...

I vote for #2 bc I like the kitchen and the way the light shines in on it in your pictures. :) But which do you like best is the real question.

Love ya,

Lindsey & Peanut

Kelly said...

i'm with everyone else... 2 and 3 are the finalists!! i love the view from 2, but like the apartment itself a little better at 3. oh, i can't wait to see what you decide!

tennismama said...

This apartment appeals more to me, but I'm old, cranky, and set in my ways....and I need more space than you are going to find in Belgium. Good Luck. Enjoy this while you are young and healthy! And don't order the steak tartar, unless you like eating raw hamburger meat!

Unknown said...

I like this one the best.
Sincerly, Aunt Connie