Apartment 2

This is the street the apartment is on. It is also the view from both the living room and the bedroom. (For those who know, this is the one by O'Malley's Pub)

These windows are really big and a nice view

The kitchen is really great. Bigger than some of the ones we have seen and just a nice set up. We would need to buy a fridge and an oven/microwave combo.

This pantry is under the stairs and right across the entry from the kitchen. It is less dingy than it looks in the picture. It is really big as far as what we have seen.

The bedroom and the bathroom are upstairs but the bathroom is separate from the bedroom which is good for visitors. Bright paint and an interesting poster in the bedroom but it's all cosmetic.

The sink and the toilet are new (huge plus). He also said we can paint (which is good, bc the colors throughout the apartment are very vibrant and we would probably go more neutral)

The washing machine would go right there by the toilet. A tight squeeze but it would give the toilet more privacy :)

The tub needs major cleaning but I can do it :) The wall needs repainting too.

This is the view out the kitchen and the bathroom (nice big windows that open)

This is a little nook off the bathroom, and it's a little gross, BUT I think it could be something cool. Not sure what, but I'm up for it.

Ok, these are the 2 apts we have seen so far that are the best. We have seen 4 others, but they are not worth picturing. Cigarette smelling, too small, or too much work (an entire kitchen to buy- everything!)

Anyways, we see another one on Monday, so cross your fingers :)


the bakks said...

Megan I like this one! I love the view and the little nook - I could totally see it as a prayer closet with some big comfy pillows, little table, etc! I like the 1st apt too - I had a tub like that in my little cottage in College Station and had to custom cut a shower curtain in a slant/hem up the edges, so I could take a "shower" :) It worked! Good luck on Monday!

Jana said...

I like this one! It doesn't make me feel so claustrophobic. What a view! Even the Belgian flag waving in the breeze! I will be praying. Love, mama

Jocelyn said...

Oh I really like the looks of this one. I was actually thinking that some of the paint was cool, but I know it's one thing in a picture and another to live in it. I DO like the painted flowers coming up from the bricked in fireplace in the living room. Man- I am loving some of the aritecture in these apartments- ours here are just so standard with very little character, but this one- like the shape around the shower/tub. Anyways- I thought this one was better that the first (from the pictures). i am praying for you guys and this decision.

Jocelyn said...

By the way- this is FUN seeing the apartments... thanks for sharing them with us!

Anna Alexis said...

I think you picked apartment no. 2... I really liked it and I liked your description of the area when we talked. You would def need to host a painting party when you move in... those colors are rough. The fish painted on the wall in the bathroom are hilarious. An "Under the Sea" theme! What is the design on the living room wall? It looks kinda cool in the pic. I like the bricked over fireplace too. What is the flooring in there?
p.s. the kitchen decor matches some "jams" I had in the 3rd grade perfectly

The 4th apartment is awesome looking too and looks huge comparatively. But I would hate for you guys not to have extra $ to do little day trips with us when we come ;)

Love to my favorite world travelers!