Of late.

So many good times. I think the best way to tell of it is to show it. All the stress and the anticipations of leaving has robbed me of my words :)

Fun with Rob in College Station. I wore a backpack to meet him on campus and felt VERY young and collegiate. I think I fooled them.

The rodeo with Clint and Mel. Clay and Clint were very disturbed by this clown.

I have childhood memories of this slide. Ah, Rodeo. We love thee. A funny realization: zoom in and look at the name of the slide. There better be one of these in Belgium.

Funnel cakes!

Oh! And Mom and I got some cowboy boots!! If you want vintage boots, check out this great shop in Houston!

The Peltiers threw us a party with our supporters. Such a good night. I get overwhelmed when I think of all the faces in the room that night. God is good.

Lunch today with my ladies and their guys. I love you, Friends!

Lots of fun. The tears are getting more frequent, but let them come! How thankful am I to have such incredible family and friends that leaving them hurts my heart. The life God has given me is GOOD. Praise him!

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