London Photos!

The long-awaited London photos!

This is right after we got to the Rohrer's. Carol made us crackers and cheese. Sigh. It was incredible.

Check out that yard. Clay was happy to find a recliner.

London! More cheese :)

And pastry.

There's the view we have all been waiting for.... It was truly wonderful to be in that famous city.

A picture for Clint re-creating his hotdog-hat picture from the rodeo.

So busy!

That night we saw Wicked.

We went for a walk with Carol, and Clay really liked this sign. They are so polite and witty :)

The old 1300s house we visited had a moat!!

"We love it here!" She is so cute.

This is the view from the top of the hill. Such beautiful greens! We were so happy to see this side of England.

On the public footpaths, they are very accommodating to 4 legged friends.


The 3 travelers. Thanks for showing us your world, Carol!


Kate said...

Great photos! I am looking forward to seeing some pics of Belgium soon.
So happy for you!!

kristin ann rohrer said...

so glad you got to spend time there :) i am so sorry i didn't get to talk with you longer when i called! hope you're settling in well to your new home! love you guys.