We're here!

We made it to Union Mills, North Carolina yesterday to begin our 12 weeks of training before heading to Belgium! The drive up was great- we laughed the whole way there. We crossed through Atlanta and had lunch with Keith at The Varsity, this famous hotdog place that we have been hearing about from him since jr. high. So good.

We spent last night getting to know some folks and then getting our apartment together. Today was our first day of CIT. Lots of introductions and vision casting for the next 2 1/2 months. After taking it easy for the last few months, we are quickly getting used to being in the classroom again. The whole group just got finished playing some volleyball which was a great way to unwind after a busy, informative day.
Here is a video tour of our apartment we shot last night.
We love you all! Be praying!


Unknown said...

Hey guys - thanks for the update and the video of the casa. We are so excited things are going well for you and that you had such a good trip. Love to you both - Phil and Tracy.

Lindsey said...

Awh I was in the apartment right next to yours at CIT and i spent way too much time in your apartment. Actually I always just kinda of walked right into the door. Seriously call me again because I want to hear about everything. Tell Bob, Jim, Patty and the rest hi for me!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to your new home!

Couldn't help but notice the Coca-Cola shirt and then the prominent logos at The Varsity. Did you plan that? :-)

Anonymous said...

The apartment looks great! How fun! love, mama