A fun day

Clay and I had a very abnormal day... and we loved it! We ended up having breakfast, lunch and dinner with some friends here, played Wii, went and played lazertag, did batting cages, and went to a coffee shop. For those of us that know us well, you know that this is NOT a typical day for us. We had so much FUN! Clay commented that we did more fun stuff today than we ever did on a day in college :) We even got some school work in today, too. The homework is piling up so I think we needed a day to chill and hang out with our new friends.

Some of us ladies have started walking together in the evenings, and I wanted to show you some of the views we are seeing. It is incredible.
Love, Megan

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Anonymous said...

Those North Carolina mountains make me homesick! If you get a chance, drive west and check out Hendersonville. I LOVE that second picture you posted, too. I miss my Nikon buddy!