Sunday is church day

We had a relaxing, fun weekend here in Union Mills. Yesterday the big news was that we went shopping, so yes, nice and uneventful :) We have been reading like crazy trying to finish 2 books they gave us to have read by Thursday. They both deal with being prepared for a cross-cultural life and the issues that you will face. I think the best thing I have learned so far is that pretty much EVERYONE struggles when they get to the field. All the emotions they talked about are ones I have dreaded, but now know that they are expected and don't mean you shouldn't be overseas. Sigh of relief.

This morning we attended St. Francis Episcopalian church in Rutherfordton. It was very cool, and very different than what we are used to. We met some neat people and look forward to joining them next week. If any of you have read the Mitford series by Jan Karon, know that this church is just what I imagined The Lord's Chapel to be. I loved it.

We were able to get a hold of Clay's family this weekend and all is well there after the hurricane. We are so thankful that our families are safe.  


Unknown said...

Hey guys - glad things are going so well, and glad you are not here to pick up all the mess from Ike. Thanks for the prayers. We hooked up the internet to our generator to get online for a minute. Love you guys!! Mom and Dad Sandoz.

Anonymous said...

meg, go to melissa's facebook. pics of the property after Ike. love, mama