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Last week we had the privilege of spending time with Tom and Ramonda Lunsford – missionaries that Tomball Bible Church supports in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In 2005 when TBC sent me on a trip to make videos for a handful of their missionaries, the Lunsfords were stop number 4. I got to spend a week with them in Addis Ababa and see what a vital role they were playing with their organization (SIM).

Over lunch last week we were able to fill them in on our plans for the next few years and hear their story of how they ended up in Ethiopia. It was great because as we talked about some of the unknowns and potential concerns, they were able to offer some great wisdom and insight as a family who have been overseas for 15+ years. Some of the things that stood out:

1. Cast the net of ministry wide:
We really have no idea what kind of activities we’ll end up being a part of or where ministry will be most effective, so their advice was to start broad. Smart.

2. Don’t be discouraged after the first year

3. The team is important!
We’ve heard this before, of course, but they encouraged us to not hesitate to devote substantial time to the development of our team. The more our team can depend on each other and trust each other, the more effective we’ll be.

It was great to spend time with them and get good advice from people who have lived it out. If you want a look into their life and ministry in Ethiopia, check out the video from a few years ago:

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Ethan, Kristen, Claire and Griffin said...

Very cool! We miss you guys! How is life in Tomball??