One of the nice things about home is that once you're there, you kind of feel like you always were.

I was surprised just now as I counted on my fingers how many days we've been home.

Just 4.

But they've been packed. And so good.

We've been flittering around, back and forth between houses. We've eaten A LOT. And around laid on couches and talked and talked.

One highlight was riding around with Gma in the back pasture on her new golf cart. Clay, Gma, and I squeezed in the front, and Rob and Q hanging onto the back. We exceeded the weight-limit big time so the boys kept having to hop down and push when the cart refused to move. It was so fun.

Yesterday Clay and I went on a little date. It was great because we've been so busy the last few days we haven't had too much time together.

We went to the Woodlands and ate at La Madeleine's. Tomato basil soup never tasted so good. The table we sat at was the same one we sat at over 5 years ago- the evening Clay proposed. That night we were supposed to go to some Spanish restaurant for tapas but after he asked the question my stomach got so unsettled with nerves that all I could eat was soup. That makes me laugh.

We needed to go to the mall, and in the past would have driven ourselves across the street. But when we noticed the distance was about what we used to walk back and forth to the grocery store in Huy, we decided to hoof it.

And it felt good to stretch our legs. It was a sweet reminder of the last 2 years.

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