Further exploration.

Any morning is a good one that starts like this.

Yesterday we went exploring in a different part of the city. We were in search of an English bookstore/cafe and a thrift store I had seen online.

It was cool to see a different side of the city. Not quite as polished, but lively you know?

We heard some French when walking by this store in New Town and it made our hearts skip a beat. We miss it already.

(Sirin, does this look like Turkish food to you?)

As we walked on we found several outdoor stores, which made us happy.

And then we arrived at the English bookstore/cafe. It was something we wanted to see since we may go in a similar direction once our whole team moves here. It was a cool place.

We tested out the tram system on our way to find the thrift store. We weren't sure how to do it so I asked a woman next to me how we needed to validate our tickets. She responded easily in English and showed me where to get our tickets stamped. It's amazing how many people speak some level of English here. Even if it's just a few words, it is so helpful as we navigate this city.

We also noticed on the tram that as older people got on the tram, younger ones would stand up to let them sit down. This warmed my heart. A teenager even opened a window for an older woman who was so thankful for the cooler breeze. It surprised me to see these two interacting. It's not something we see too often.

We passed a pottery shop which made me very happy.

It's comforting to see these kind of activities available. Just fun.

We found the thrift store! Owned by a couple who lived in Florida for a awhile, they also spoke great English and were super friendly. I am so thankful that God has put such kind people in our path this week.

(For those who care, the thrift store was mainly clothes, knick knacks, and some small appliances. I am still on the lookout for second hand furniture. This store is really close to the Christian international school to give you some bearings.)

We had no other plans after this, but could see some open grass a few blocks away. We decided to check it out.

It was a park. A pretty big one too!

Oh and there were people!

Real live people, with their children and dogs. And they were all talking and playing and throwing frisbees!

I have never before seen a sign that commands you to walk on the grass, but I think I now have. Any other way to interpret this?

There was a big playground and people everywhere. Happy people.

I started to cry. Literally.

I haven't really cried at all over the past few weeks. There has just been too much to do, too much emotional exhaustion.

But something about being surrounded by all of this LIFE at Riegrovy Savy (the park) opened the flood gates.

The idea of a place like this was just so nice. So comforting. To be with others, to meet people, to laugh at dogs and their antics and little kids as they explore and play. It felt restful.

It was so good to see this in Prague. Up until then we had mainly been in the more popular tourist areas which are super fun but make it hard to imagine what life would really be like.

As if to just make it too good to be true, there were even homemade birdfeeders everywhere :)

And also several preschools lining the park with names like:

Oh the cuteness.

So, we were pretty happy to randomly come across this park.

We didn't expect to find something like this in the city.

I was scanning all the buildings around it looking for an apartment to rent to be honest :) It was that great.

We walked on, meandering our way back home for the afternoon.

It should be noted that Prague's not all pretty buildings, big old clocks, and frisbees.

There's normal every-city kind of stuff too.

I am already dreaming what kind of incredible Czech country-side can be reached on these train tracks.

Random moments from the day:

Lots of kids on scooters. This one mom in the blue jacket sent her kid off on one and then walked away in the other direction- it must be safe here? You can also see the park we visited down the street on the right side of the picture.

More scooters on the metro. I could just picture the Keller and Wilkins kids :)

I did a double take when I thought my mom was listed on this sign. Wow. Mom, it's crazy how popular the name Jana is here. They'll love you :)

We ended the day with refreshments and took some time to reflect back over our day.

It was a really good, encouraging day. We got to peek in on some of the real life happening in Prague and God knew it was just what this heart needed. The cupcake and cookie were pretty good too :)


Megan said...

I'm pretty sure that sign is commanding you to moonwalk over the grass. That's how I interpret it at least ;-)
So good to see some of Prague through your eyes.

Jocelyn said...

that comment above made me laugh out loud!!- that was great!
So, so thankful to God that you are getting a glimpse into your new world and that it is creating excitement and peace inside you. What a neat city! I LOVE the homemade bird feeders. So precious!