Last day in Prague!

Yesterday was a metro day.

I haven't quite figured out buying tickets but I'm getting there.

It kind of feels like a fortune should come out by the time you hit the right buttons.

We wanted to check out the living situation all the way down the metro lines, so we rode one of them out as far as we could.

Not too impressed with what we saw, but I keep hearing from people that there are options out there so we'll keep looking.

We spent some time in the Lesser Quarter checking things out.

And dreaming whenever we would see buildings for sale or for rent.

We found a super cool English bookstore. So many books! I'll be heading back here for sure.

Oh and we had the grossest lunch ever. Oh man.

Then we came back to Mosaic House to chill for the rest of the afternoon. We also hung our clothes out the window to get the cigarette stench off of them from lunch :)

Today, our last day in Prague, was a good day. We ate lunch at Country Life, a vegan restaurant/health food store near Town Square.

It was so nice to have vegetables! Food can get pretty heavy here.

We also did some shooting around town.

We finished the day by meeting with some of the people that run Mosaic House, the hostel we've been staying at the last few nights. They are some pretty neat people. There is also a group here that work with Breakaway in College Station, and we've had fun hanging with them.

After a long day of flying tomorrow, we land in Charlotte for a few days for some UWM stuff. And then Friday it's home to Houston!!!!


Posting will more than likely be sparse for the next few days.

Thanks for exploring Prague with us!

See you on the other side!


Barbara said...

Just love your posts. Travel safe!

tennismama said...

Thanks for allowing some of us "Stick-in-the-mud" folks to live vicariously through your words and photos!
I am hoping your USA trip includes a visit to Austin.
Safe travels.