The last few weeks.

This past week was a special one.

We FINALLY got to spend some time with our entire team that's going to Prague! We went on a retreat together in the Hill Country to talk about and cast vision for our future in Prague.

It was good just to be in the same room with everybody.

And talk and talk and talk.

Sweet Jack and Shirley let us stay at their ranch for the week.

The kids had a blast.

Can you find Clay way up in that tree?

He reminded me of one of those baboons you see on TV way up in trees in the jungle :)

Team Prague!

So good to be in Texas!!!

And to be with good friends.

On our way out they took us past this castle. Wow! Can you believe this??

2 Happy Texans.

Cute Autumn and Morgan.

We stayed up past midnight on our last night getting some final work done.

When we got home.... bonus! Rob was home! It's Q's birthday this weekend so the family is heading this way.

Today we ate Mel's for lunch, then headed out with Gma to feed the neighbors' horses and enjoy the pretty day.

Her daddy was born on this land.

When the horses see us they run to the fence. They know they're going to get some carrots :)

She was so brave. Go Gma!

We had a fun time checking the progress of the dew berries. They are getting close!


That entire bush in the foreground of this pictures is covered in them!

We snagged a few early bloomers.

So good! We can't wait for tarts and jelly!

I can't get enough of this land.

It makes me so happy.

We lost track of time, and pretty soon the cart started losing battery power.

Luckily we had other forms of power :)

Then Rob discovered he could pull more power if he went in reverse.

I was laughing so hard by this time.

There she goes!

And all the way home!

I am a happy happy girl.


Megan said...

what wonderful pictures! looks like a good time. I want to meet your grandma.

Crystal Brown said...

I didn't know those were dew berries. We just discovered we have those things all over our yard. I swear, I still learn something new everyday.

The photos you take are breath taking. Did you go to school for photography?

Clay and Megan said...

Crystal, yay for dew berries! :) You can eat them once they're black, and cook them up just like you would black berries. I'll post my great-grandma's dew berry tart recipe soon. Yum! And no, I didn't got to photography school but thank you for the compliment :) Love, Megan