Lunch with Ali and Nada

Ever since they heard my family was coming, Ali and Nada wanted to have us all over. I cannot tell you how good it is to have such sweet friends here in Belgium! We love this family! God is so good to give us friends!

The boys got cracking right away on the barbeque.

And we ladies watched :)

Ok, Nada actually did a lot of work herself, but the Sandoz/Pasche bunch mainly hung around and enjoyed Ali and Nada's great house and yard.

Last time we were here, I really wanted to explore this old building behind their house, but I was too scared. Big little brother Rob to the rescue!!

Nada and I barked orders from above...

... while Rob checked out the tunnel. So creepy.

Hooray for family and friends getting to know eachother!

Thank you God for this day!!

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