First day of language school today. I know what you astute ones are thinking.... language school started YESterday, Megan. Oh contraire. We went to school yesterday, but it didn't start yesterday. And it didn't start today either..it started MONDAY. Yes, we missed it. I am not surprised in the least :) So we went yesterday only to find out that we needed to come back today. Sheesh. Did you ever have those friends whose last week of summer was marred by their moms making them practice waking up early so they would be ready for it when school started? That is exactly what yesterday felt like! We got up early, had breakfast, chose our special "first day of school clothes" (ahem, first impressions are important), left the house to walk to school... and then came right back home (and put back on my pjs- those "special" clothes ended up in a rejected heap on the floor).

So... today. We went back and found our class (thank you God!). This first day was pretty cool. We took a walk around town with our class and the teacher explained things in French to us. We went to the market and learned vegetable and fruit names, etc. It was overwhelming (of course), but good. The class is made up of people from about every country you can imagine. Seriously. Turkey, Brasil, Tunisia, Chechnya, Albania, and the list goes on. So incredible. We are the only English (native) speakers, which is a huge blessing as well. No temptation to break out in English!

When we got home, I was ready to crash! I haven't hid under the covers since that one day, but it was back under them again today! :) After a nap I felt inspired to tackle the living room, so here you go:



Eventually there will be curtains to block out the blinding afternoon sun, but for now we shall squint.

I also found myself crafting again, which seems to be my most productive method of venting stress. Seriously, it makes me feel so much better. In setting up the living room, I wanted to put out one of the pictures I brought from home but had no frame. My blood started hopping in that way that only can mean one thing.... it was time to craft. Sweet relief. I put together some cardboard and an old map I brought for just such a purpose... Not fancy, but perhaps better than store-bought for it represents another culture-shock-crisis averted :)

A full day is a good day. Love, Megan


melissa said...

It looks so good...much more bright and cheerful! And I love the stuff you bought, that chest is really cool. You have such an eye, I never doubted that the apartment would be yours instantly :) Can't wait to see it in person!

Anna Alexis said...

Wow! That mantle and brick fireplace really stand out now! I love it! and the map frame is precious :) good idea!

Anonymous said...

Megan, it was so good talking to you! Thanks for calling. Love, Grandma