Le Course De Sprimont

Today was my (Clay) first race with the team, which calls themselves Les Foulées du Plaisir (which means "The Crazies for Pleasure", i.e. running is fun and we're crazy about it - it sounds better in French). It was awesome. The course was a beast, but pretty fun. A lot of hills, and quite a bit of mud. And when I say quite a bit, I mean a lot. But who wants clean running shoes, right?

These races are really cool. Sprimont, the town that hosted the race, is a quaint little town with lots of hills and interesting buildings. Quite a few people who lived along the route were out in their yards watching, which makes for a cool atmosphere. The trail started in town, then across a really muddy field, then up a miserable, muddy, steep hill that had a stream running down it on parts of the trail. By far the most difficult running condition I've run in. I'm glad there where other runners around, because if I was by myself, I would have bet money I was no longer on the trail.

Later in the run we crossed this really neat foot bridge in the woods over this beautiful little stream. Some of the other views from the tops of hills showed some of the most beautiful Belgian countryside I've seen yet.

It was great to round the last corner and see Fredie and Jean-Luke, guys from the team who'd already finished, saying "Allez Clay!" We had a good time, and hopefully this won't be my last race with the group.

For those who enjoy running, technology, or both, check out the run as tracked by my groovy watch/GPS.


Unknown said...

... "my groovy watch" ! you mean my laptop ! lucky that you can use it without a mouse :-)))

Jana said...

That IS a groovy watch! love, j

Anna Alexis said...

Look at you!! Rackin' up the "cool kid" points with the locals!

Kerrie said...

Haha!! "Il court," We can finally use that phrase. Whew, Rosetta Stone has been useful for something! :)