So thankful!

When we got home in March I had no idea we would get to be home for Thanksgiving! In fact I had prepared myself to miss the holidays again. To be at home with family, both our families, was a gift. (As was the meal. Thank you Hubbel and Hudson for your frozen gluten free pie crust! :)

The annual pumpkin toss began with the selecting of pumpkins.

 Then, the warm ups before the the toss.

 After the competition. This picture was not their idea :)

 This picture was very much his idea :)

And, for the record, Aggies may not always win, but they sure are cute.

With Thanksgiving barely behind us, Clay and I are off again! This time....

To Prague!

We will be in the city with the Kellers and Wilkins' for the next week. We'll be meeting with different people in the city, looking at housing options, and spending lots of time listening for the Lord to lead us.

It's exciting... and also scary. Sometimes it's hard to believe we're really doing this!

See you soon, Prague!


meadows said...

Thanks for the blog post. Jaxon was just saying, "I want Play and Bacon." If he can't have y'all, at least he can see pictures. They made us smile.

sharon jamail said...

So excited for you!! Praying for an amazing trip!

Carrie Schwender said...

So excited to meet you!!