Recent happenings and we're in Haiti!

Life has gone on as normal the last few months.

Lots of travel, visiting people, getting visa stuff in order, and raising support.

Oh and loving on my new niece :)

We made it to DC and applied for our visas to the Czech Republic!

We owned it, ha :)

All our paperwork Clay has slaved over for months was in order and our interviews went really well. So encouraging. Now we wait 3-4 months for our visas to come in and continue raising support in the meantime.

This week we are blessed to be in Haiti with our dear friends. They are considering a move to this country and asked us to join us on the trip to help with their kids and be a part of this step with their family. We love them and are so excited.

Here we are heading to the airport. Very excited. You will notice the little one is clutching his suitcase, ready to go! :)

We arrived in Haiti ready for an adventure!

This has been our view for the past few days. Lots of touring around trying to soak everything up.

We visited a lookout point above Port Au Prince.

There are reminders everywhere of the earthquake that hit almost 2 years ago. There are tent-cities all through town housing people that lost their homes.

This building was several stories tall before it was crushed down during the quake.

We got a tour of Maxima, the company Daniel would be working for. Such an incredible place that employs over 200 Haitians.

One of Maxima's projects is producing shelters and small homes that can replace the tarp-tents so many people are living in. It's neat to see this company creating jobs for Haitians and providing products for Haitians.

We went up to Ft. Jacques to get another view of the city, holding hands tightly near the steep drop-offs :)

An afternoon getting to know another family who works for Maxima.

The kids making new friends.

Our group! We love this family.


Megan said...

I really miss you guys. Any chance we might see you before you fly across the world again?

Clay and Megan said...

We would love to see you friend! If we are ever close, trust me, you will be hearing from me!! I miss you!