Day 1

It is amazing we just got here yesterday! Jetlag hasn't hit yet and we're hoping it stays that way- it turns out taking Ambien on the plane to get 8 hours of sleep is a great idea :)

One exciting tidbit is that we found a restaurant that serves gluten free Czech food!

This morning started well with a happy Autumn- yay for fresh juice bars.

And then lots of walking and discussing ensued.

We checked out grocery stores (and REAL sleds for REAL snow!) ....


And neighborhoods....

We checked out Prague 5 and 6 today.

Here we are grilling a new friend that has been living in Prague with her family for a little over a year. You can't see her in the picture but you can see how intense WE are about our questions :)

Prague team, rocking out Prague 6! :)

We just finished our recap meeting of the night, and are off to bed. Lots more to see tomorrow! Thanks for praying for us, friends!

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Anonymous said...

Glad that all is going well. Keeping you close to thought and heart.'
Love, Bub and Tonya