So long!

We had a nice, relaxing, belge kind of day with our friends yesterday.

First things first, we grabbed some frites. Mmmmmm.

Then walked all over town through the mist. It was good to catch up with my dear old friend.

We bought some bread and looked for the swan family that hangs around town.

Some of our earliest memories involve large birds. Thankfully these swans were a lot less aggressive than Laura's childhood pet geese.

It's Belgium, right? Last night we led them in a sampling of some fine brews.

And crepes.

As the four of us walked to the train station this morning we noticed halted traffic and frantic street cleaners. Oh yes. This really happened. A trash can filled to the brim with cow parts from a recent butchering flung it's contents all over the main round-about in town.

It was hilarious, random, and disgusting. Jut perfect for our group's final jaunt across town. Also fitting considering our back to back evenings of B-movies (last night was "Tremors"). The four of us are no strangers to ridiculous gore in ridiculous places :)

I don't believe those actually dealing with the cow parts this morning found it quite so humorous.

Laura and Andy left today, on their way to Paris. It was so good to see them, our last visitors here in Huy.

We coped by eating breakfast at our new favorite pub. And wouldn't you know that this place that we discover mere months before moving is the one that serves a full American breakfast.


If you look behind Clay's shoulder you'll see an interesting cultural sight. In Belgium it is not at all strange to see beer being consumed at all times of day or night.

Exhibit A:

Off to clean and process some veggies! It's market day after all!

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