2 things

I am pretty sure I got my last Belgian haircut today.

I headed out in the rain today, not knowing which salon I was going to, but clutching a printout of Alyssa Milano with cute short hair. When you lack vocabulary, a picture is always a good idea.

I ended up at a place called Veronique's. And it was the best salon experience I have had yet.

1. I didn't have to make an appointment.
2. She kept saying my hair was beaux, just so beaux. A stylist that loves your hair for some reason is a stylist to keep. It made me laugh.
and 3. It cost 15 euros less than everywhere else I have gotten a cut. Score!

She ended up ignoring Alyssa's picture, but I decided to see where inspiration would take her.

Ay chihuahua! Believe it our not, I love it. Veronique did a great job.

My last Belgian haircut experience was a success. Whew. Here it is after a wash.

Another momentous occasion today.

The removal of the Christmas tree. The tree pick-up is not until Wednesday, but we have company coming tomorrow (the former Miss Laura Mszar and her new husband Andy, yay!) and this thing takes up half of their bedroom!

We wanted to avoid as much needle-shedding as possible, so there was only one option.

Out the window with it.

These are the moments that Clay Sandoz lives for.

I was so torn. I didn't want to be the one on the street (ie I didn't want to be the one that was arrested), but I wasn't quite strong enough to lift the tree.

My main job was watching to make sure no one passed by when he dropped the tree. Can you even imagine how horrible that would be?

And this is what a tree looks like falling from 3 stories up.

And here it is dejectedly lying on the cobblestones in the rain.

And thus concluded the Christmas chronicles of 2010.


Unknown said...

that is HILARIOUS!!!

Muffy and Spencer said...

Oh my gosh that reminds me of While You Were Sleeping! Except Clay standing there with the gloves looks like he's about to do "a job" for the mob or something. Awesome. And your haircut is adorable--glad you had a good salon experience!

Clay and Megan said...

Ha! You are right, it was so like the movie!

Janis said...

laughed out loud!

Jana said...

tell Laura I said hello!

Jocelyn said...

and LOVE that pic of clay with his gloves and a mischevious look in his eye!