First Monday

The sun came out yesterday!

Well, really it just winked at us for a few minutes before going into hiding again, but dead-center of gray winter that it is, we wanted to get out and make the most of that sliver of sunshine!

We stopped taking our long walks through the hills above Huy over a year ago when we began training for the marathon. During training I just couldn't muster the enthusiasm to run AND walk all over town.

And we've missed our walks. We laugh a lot during them. We share frustrations. We have good, deep conversations that usually end up producing new and improved plans of action.

Yesterday our walk also included playing in the snow.

Well, Clay played.

Here he is trying to get me to come out into the field with him and help him roll that huge snow ball.

I declined. There was a really big ditch you had to jump over with running water in it. Not worth the risk- I don't have a very good track record with those sorts of things.

I was getting bored and a little cold watching him roaming back and forth in the snow so I told him to just "do something!"

He obliged.

Clay's snow-angel. I think it looks like a stick-figure in a dress.

We had to crawl under some barbed-wire at one point. It's amazing how snow and sunlight can make even a little cyclone of cow hair beautiful.

After weeks of mounting snow and ice, it was good to go outside.

And now, Monday Monday. Here we are again. This first Monday of 2011 finds me de-nesting. De-nesting is the opposite of nesting. It means I am beginning to slowly dismantle our life within this apartment- starting with the pantry. It's helping me realize that this is all real, that we really are leaving Belgium in 2 months.


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