Time with the Thorntons flew by!

We dominated the maze... Actually we just tried to steer clear of all the live actors that were running around inside of it. Creepy.

We had a little BBQ on "the grassy space" up in Old Huy.

I got stung by a bee. Awesome.

We shared some bread and cheese with some new friends that were passing through from Ireland and the UK. They were kind enough to let Sheryl try their tin flute. She was a real trooper :)

The carnival's in town!

And our friends were off! Thanks for coming to see us!

And a big welcome to the Jacksons on the same day! You can see them really tiny on top of the fort. John was able to pick up our wireless from the top and give us a call :)

Off to Brussels today to meet up with some folks that are passing through from Austin and then tomorrow....

Hooray!! Mom, Dad, and Quinn!!

For those interested, Mom is continuing her tradition of a travel blog. I am sure it will be quite entertaining :)

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