I hope there aren't any clowns.

More visitors! Josh and Sheryl are here from Austin. No pictures but lots of good times spent with friends. Yesterday we had lunch at Ali and Nada's, which we are now all referring to as the "American Restaurant" since so many of our friends and family have enjoyed a meal there. Today we are striking out to find a cornfield labyrinth that is somewhere nearby. Not quite sure what to expect.

According to the website, this is what we have to look forward to:

After harvesting the previous Labyrinth, a new maze is planted. Its design is entirely modified. It leaves the place to new heroes, the time of a summer, within de green dead ends to surprise once again the visitors come to play at loosing themselves. For this great hide and seek game, the 14th edition of the labyrinth draws balloons to give life to Yakari, the little Indian of DERIB and JOB and its friends.

I can't wait :)

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