Yesterday we went to an outdoor Belgian history museum with Sirin and Xavier. I get really into museums. This one was super fun.

There were lots of houses and barns to peak into. And you never quite knew what might be looking back out at you!

Sirin was very brave at the chicken coup, though I can now totally condone her fear of chickens. Where she grew up in Denizli, Turkey the chickens grow to be about waist high! No more teasing her. That is a legit chicken.

Clay made a new friend.

And I did too. Only I would stand so far away from a chained goat. When Clay took the picture I imagined myself looking a lot braver.

This a dog wheel outside of one of the houses. The wheel is connected to a big butter churn inside the kitchen. American dogs have no idea how good they have it. Look at the little doggie gate at the bottom- can you imagine? It made me laugh.

I think Clay's favorite part were all the neat fireplaces. That boy sure likes his fires.

One of my favorite parts was the felting lady. There I was thinking that felting was this new American trend. Turns out it's been a craft for like 1000s of years. I wanted those red shoes on the bottom left so bad.

Here's Sirin and Xavier walking up to a house that was actually brought from the village where his grandmother is from. Wow.

Such good pupils.

I am so thankful for our friends who bring us along on these fun little trips. It is so much fun to learn things about Belgium with Sirin since we are all foreigners here. And it is so great to do it all with Xavier who can share so much with us about his country. Dear friends. Fun day.


Janis Sloan said...

what a neat, fun place!

Derek & Meredith said...

How fun! What a quirky place you are living in. Just wanted you to know, I'm making your chicken roll-ups for dinner tonight! Pretty excited about that. Blessings!

Cathy Gunderman said...

The picture of Clay with that pig is hilarious! "Wilber!" I am still laughing....