The rest of the story.

Last week Josh and Anna were here. I just got a hold of the pics Josh took during their trip and I LOVE them! Here are a few of my favorites. Thanks Josh for documenting that sweet time for us.

I love this next picture because I is so "us." Me with my REI purse, North Face jacket, and my wild short hair, while Anna's sporting Anthro, a lady-like handbag, and gorgeous locks flowing down her back. Such friends! It makes me laugh! I am so thankful for her and the way we compliment each other.

Someone at church commented after meeting them that Josh and Anna are like the "opposite Clay-and-Megans." They are both tall with a lot of hair while Clay and I are two little guys with no hair! I am still laughing.

Lots of eating and just hanging out went on that week.

And Clay really enjoyed getting share his love of Belgian beer with Josh. I think they managed to try every Belgian Trappist brew- even the elusive Westvleteren.

I just liked having my dear friend there every time I turned around. Even doing the dishes is fun when you are talking a mile a minute.

Lots of games of course. We love those Peltier gamers.

We enjoyed showing them all around Huy.

One of my favorites. Aren't old friends wonderful?

Love you guys!

Your Little Opposites


Anna Alexis said...

I wish I was with you guys right now! Didn't it just seem like the way things should be?! It felt like we lived just down the street and we would see you next weekend or something. I think it is just now setting in that I won't see you for a very long while. More tears. I love you both so much and I am so proud of your efforts in Belgium. Your hearts are just so beautiful and refreshingly authentic. I could see in your Belgian friends eyes that they felt the same way about you. Josh and I will always cherish our time with you both.

Jenny said...

What sweet friends, and so true that "opposites" are often just what we need! That's how I feel about my friend Jennifer. Sometimes I wonder how in the world we can be such friends, but we are and I just love it.
Anyway, looks like such a great and refreshing time and I'm so happy for you that it happened! Jen